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Study visa


Study visa

A study visa allows entry into Italy for short or long-term stays related to study, vocational training or apprenticeship purposes. Any citizen of Kosovo who applies for a visa to enter Italy for study reasons should apply for a visa in person at the Visa Desk of the Italian Embassy in Pristina on the scheduled day and time, in order to submit to the staff “the visa application form”, fulfilled in capital letters, with two photographs in accordance with ICAO standards.

The following documents should be attached to the visa application with their photocopies:

1. Visa application form C (if the duration of studies is less than 90 days), return flight reservation together with health insurance; or visa application form D (if the duration of studies is longer than 90 days), available free of charge at the entrance of the Embassy.

2. Enrollment letter of the Italian University sent by email by the Italian University to together with its paper copy printed by the student;

3. In the case of absence of scholarships, it is necessary to prove the disposition of adequate means of subsistence for the stay in Italy. In the case of a lack of financial autonomy, the person covering the student’s expenses must sign a declaration (translated into Italian) at a Public Notary, including:

- copy of the sponsor’s identification document;

- copy of employment contracts or of a Kosovar Chamber of Commerce certificate, in case of presence of business activities;

- bank account activities of the last six months, showing also the current balance, with original stamped by the bank.

4. Accommodation: letter from the Italian University stating that the student will be staying at a University facility, or a rental contract in Italy (sent by email from the Italian landperson together with their identification document), or a declaration of accommodation or a hotel reservation, if accommodation is pending for the University facility (if mentioned in the letter from the University);

5. Degree certificate from the Kosovar University (stamped by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education of Kosovo) with translation into Italian – (the original is for the Embassy’s eyes only).

6. Eventual email correspondence with the Italian University (printed paper copy);

7. Certificate of proficiency of Italian or English language (as required by the University) ;

8. For short stay C-visas, international health insurance valid for the Schengen area that covers any health and emergency costs, hospitalization, repatriation due to illness or death, with a minimum coverage of Euro 30,000.