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Webinar on Covid-19 Management by the Italian Military Medical Team in Kosovo: English recordings with translation in Albanian and Serbian

At the beginning of September 2020, at the request of the Prime Minister of Kosovo, a Military Medical Team (IMMT) from Italy deployed to Kosovo to strengthen the capacity of the Kosovar healthcare operators to meet the Covid-19 pandemic by sharing the Italian front-line experience. Working closely with NATO KFOR and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS), the IMMT operated nation-wide to map capacity, review protocols, share information and train medical operators.

The webinar “Hospital Management of Covid-19 Patients: the Italian Experience for Kosovo”, under the auspices of the Italian Embassy in Kosovo and the Italian Ministry of Defence, was organized in this framework by the IMMT in two sessions on 5 and 12 October. Through several panels Italian infectologists and anesthesiologists shared with their colleagues in Kosovo their frontline experiences in the management of the pandemic, in order to support the local response to Covid-19. The event also gave the possibility to build a community of over 250 specialists who will continue to share their experience in the next future.

The Embassy of Italy in Kosovo is pleased to make recordings of the two webinar sessions available, both in the English original and in Albanian and Serbian translation.


Session 1 (5 October 2020)

S1E1 Clinical Management of Patients with Covid-19 (Prof. Emanuele Nicastri) [22 minutes] ENG ALB SER

S1E2 Covid-19: Triage and Transportation (Dr. Alberto Andreotti) [22 minutes] ENG ALB SER

S1E3 Diagnosis and Follow-up: the Right Tools for the Right Patients (Dott. Francesco Forfori) [19 minutes] ENG ALB SER

S1E4 Hospital Management of Covid-19 Patients (Ass. Prof. Marco Baciarello) [22 minutes] ENG ALB SER

S1E5 The Military Health Service in the Covid-19 Era (Col. Claudio Zanotto) [22 minutes] ENG ALB SER

S1E6 Round Table [49 minutes] ENG ALB SER


Session 2 (12 October 2020)

S2E1 Hospital Management of Covid-19 Patients (Col. Me. Costantino Fontana) [6 minutes] ENG ALB SER

S2E2 Respiratory Assistance in Covid-19 Pneumonia (Prof. Paolo Pelosi) [18 minutes] ENG ALB SER

S2E3 Non-Invasive Ventilation: Challenge or Solution? (Ass. Prof. Marco Baciarello) [15 minutes] ENG ALB SER

S2E4 Covid-19: Inflammation and Coagulation Unbalance (Prof. Massimo Girardis) [23 minutes] ENG ALB SER

S2E5 Covid-19 and Multi-Organ Failure (Dr. Francesco Corradi) [23 minutes] ENG ALB SER

S2E6 Round Table [1 hour 18 minutes] ENG ALB SER


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