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Italian language week in Kosovo: 7 days in name of literature and environment

Settimana della lingua italiana in Kosovo

The annual event that mobilises the Italian cultural and diplomatic-consular network abroad, the Italian Language Week in the World , will be returned from October 16–22, 2023.

The Italian Embassy in Pristina and the Italian Culture Institute of Tirana, qualified also in Kosovo, present a well-organised schedule of events for the occasion, including exhibitions, discussions and showings aimed at both an adult and young audience. The Week’s topic is “The Italian Language and the Sustainability”; the aim is using the Italian Language to promote the sustainability culture in the world by a forefront country on environmental challenges. At the center of the events also the figure of Italo Calvino (1923-1985), one of the most significant Italian writers of the second half of twentieth century, of which marks the centenary of the birth. We discuss a visionary environmentalist author who often explored the interaction between the man and the nature and the alienation of man in increasingly industrialized cities.

The Week opens on Monday October 16 with the drawings exhibition “Eccellenze italiane – Figure per Italo Calvino” at the National Museum of Kosovo – Lapidarium (edited by Giovanni Stoppani Cooperative/Drosselmeier Academy for Bologna Fiere, Emilia Romagna region and the Italian Foreign Affair and International Cooperation Ministry). The works of 31 Italian and international drawers who put themselves to the test by illustrating Calvino’s bookx dedicated to younger readers are on display. The exhibition is open from October 17 to October 22 (h. 10-18) with free entrance.

Moreover, it discusses about Calvino during the event organized by the Italian Embassy on Wednesday October 18 with the conference of Riccardo Castellana (Siena University) dedicated to Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno (Einaudi, 1947), the first novel of the Italian writer. Majlinda Bregasi is the moderator (“Hasan Prishtina” University).

At the philology faculty of the main Kosovar university the conference “Fuori dal mondo” edited by the Italian artist Christian Balzano is scheduled on Thursday October 19 to raise up questions about the planet’s conditions, the contaminated and contaminating nature. Nature is the main topic also in the animated movie Yaya e Lennie – The Walking Liberty (2021) directed by Alessandro Rak, scheduled on Friday October 20 at “Kino Armata” cinema. During the same day, the opening of the section of Italian books translated in Albanian language, donated by the Italian Culture Institute of Tirana to the University of Pristina, arises.

During the whole Week, texts lectures by Italo Calvino and laboratories on sustainability will take place: “the Linguistic Center” of “Hasan Pristina” University, the “Don Bosko” school, “Qendra Dante” “Britannica ELT” e “UBT” with Raffaella Ritucci (lecturer MFA), Andjana Makolli, Arjieta Berisha and Edmond Ramadani are involved.

“We are preparing to celebrate an event which, for 23 years and with the involvement of our diplomatic-consular network, has animated the debate on our language in the world, this year focused on the concept of sustainability. The Italian language, therefore, as a tool for access to understanding, awareness, education and respect for the environment. We will talk about Italian and sustainability not only to illustrate Italy’s commitment to the fight against climate change, but also to delve deeper into the work of one of the greatest Italian intellectuals of the twentieth century, Italo Calvino, on the centenary of his birth. Through a debate and an exhibition of drawings designed for younger people, but not only, we will try to stimulate reflection on the impact of our civilization on the environment, which was one of the central themes of the writer’s works. Over the centuries, the idea of ​​the environment and the relationship between the human and the natural has also been formed through literature. But it is above all in the contemporary era – exposed to the consequences of the climate crisis, the collapse of biodiversity, the spread of pandemics – that literature and ecology find elements of mutual implication. The hope is that rereading Calvino’s work can help us become more aware, less indifferent, and willing to create a better planet” declared Ambassador Antonello De Riu.

The Italian Language in the World Week occurs every year on the third week of October. It is organized by the diplomatic-consular network and the Italian Institutes of Culture in collaboration with the main partner of the linguistic promotion (Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Instruction and Merit, the Ministry of the University and Research, the Centre of the Book and the Lecture, Government of the Elvetic Confederation, Crusca Academy, General Council of the Italians abroad, the Italian-speaking radio and television community, Treccani Italian Encyclopedia Institute, RAI Italia and Dante Alighieri Society). The Week has become the most important exhibition of all over the world dedicated to the Italian language in time. Since its inception in 2001, this appointment receives yearly the High Patronage from the Republic Presidency.

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