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Meeting with the President of the Constitutional Court: “Decisions must be fully implemented”


The EU Ambassador in Kosovo, Tomáš Szunyog, the Head of the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX), Giovanni Pietro Barbano, Austria’s Ambassador to Kosovo, Georg Schnetzer, Italy’s Ambassador to Kosovo, Antonello De Riu, and France’s Deputy Ambassador, François Cyprien, met with the President of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo, Gresa Caka-Nimani.

During the meeting, the diplomats reiterated the importance the EU gives to the fundamental role of the Constitutional Court in ensuring the supremacy of the Constitution and in protecting the fundamental rights and principles in it.

The Ambassadors emphasized that the Constitutional Court must be independent and free from political influence and pressure, “in order to uphold the independence of the judiciary, it is crucial that members of the government refrain from making statements that risk undermining the authority and the independence of the judiciary, as well as the public’s confidence in it”.

The meeting also centred on the need for the decisions of the Constitutional Court to be respected and fully implemented, including the Judgment of 19 May 2016 on the case of Decani Monastery.