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QUINT and EU Statement on Mayoral Recall Vote of April 21, 2024

The Embassies of France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States and the EU Office in Kosovo acknowledge that, consistent with its legal requirements, Kosovo will hold mayoral recall votes on April 21 in the four municipalities in the north of Kosovo. This vote is required as a result of the successful initiation efforts carried out by citizens within the existing legal framework, and as certified by the Central Election Commission

We regret the statements by Srpska List and other Kosovan Serb political actors that call for withdrawing from participation in this mayoral recall vote. Democratic participation is key to ensure that elected institutions are representative of the populations they serve. Voting is a critical freedom of democratic societies.

We acknowledge that the 23 April 2023 elections did not provide a long-term political solution for these municipalities and that representative governance in the north will be restored when elections for mayors will be held with the active participation of all communities. However, boycotting the April 21 vote will not deliver this result, nor will it bring any benefit to the citizens living in the north. Therefore, we call on Srpska List and all others who have called for a withdrawal to reconsider their positions and to make full use of the democratic tools available to advance effective and representative democracy.

We call on the Government of Kosovo to be responsive to the concerns of its citizens and to act with professionalism throughout this process. We call on all stakeholders to act in such a manner that all citizens having the right to vote in the north of Kosovo have the opportunity to participate.