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Tourist visa

A tourist visa allows foreign citizens to travel for tourism to Italy as their main destination, and in other countries of the Schengen area.

Any citizen of Kosovo who applies for an entry visa to Italy for tourism should apply for a visa in person at the Visa Desk of the Italian Embassy in Pristina on the scheduled day and time, in order to submit to the staff “the visa application form”, fulfilled in capital letters, with two photographs in accordance with ICAO standards.

The following documents should be attached to the visa application with their photocopies:

1. Passport expiring at least 3 months after the requested visa;

2. Documentation regarding the purpose of the journey and staying in Italy: hotel reservation or invitation letter, signed by a natural or legal person, Italian or foreigner, legally resident in Italy, with a copy of the identity card and a copy of the residence permit in Italy if the inviting person is not an Italian citizen;

N.B.: The Visa Office reserves the right, in some cases, to request the applicant to pay, by international bank transfer, a fixed amount as an advance payment for the selected hotel.

3. Civil status documents attesting any relationship with the invitee in Italy;

4. Documentation regarding the social and professional situation in Kosovo:

– for contract workers: employment contract; certificate from the employer stating the date of commencement of the employmentjob title and monthly salary (if the original document is not available in English or Italian, shall be translated into Italian by a sworn translator recognized by the Embassy), as well as a certificate issued by the Tax Administration certifying the payment of pension contributions and wage taxes;

– for persons with their own business: business registration certificate, dated no earlier than one month, issued by the Business Registration Authority at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (“Autoriteti i Regjistrimit të Bizneseve pranë Ministrisë së Tregtisë”);

– For students: enrollment certificate issued by the school or faculty, employment contracts of parents; certificate issued from the employer of the latter stating: the date of commencement of work, job title and monthly salary, as well as a certificate issued by the Tax Administration certifying the payment of pension contributions and wage taxes;

– for pensioners: pension credits;

– for unemployed persons: unemployment certificate issued by the Center for Social Welfare (“Qendra për Punë Sociale e Komunës”) of the Municipality of residence;

5. Documentation regarding one’s economic and financial position in Kosovo:

– bank statement in original (not photocopied or scanned) of personal, family’s and business’ accounts, stamped and signed by the bank, with the activities of the last six months;

– photocopies of credit cards (N.B. only the front of credit cards need to be photocopied).

6. Family status certification, issued by the Municipality of residence of the applicant, dated no earlier than six months, certifying the family composition;

7. Only for minors under the age of 18:

– certificate of birth of the minor;

– parental consent to leave Kosovo, issued in front of the Visa Officer at the Italian Embassy in Pristina, by means of a declaration that both parents (or the one remaining in Kosovo) sign in person in front of the Officer or by a Notary Public.

8. Documentation concerning the means of subsistence for the stay in Italy: either credit cards or travelers cheques; bank guarantee.

N.B.: The calculation of the means of subsistence required for the stay in Italy is carried out on the basis of the table to be found in the visa application form.

9. Documents proving previous stays in the Schengen area: photocopies of other Schengen visas;

10. Documentation regarding means of transport: return flight ticket, or return flight reservation, if traveling by vehicle, photocopy of the vehicle documents.

11. International health insurance valid for the Schengen area that covers any health and emergency costs, hospitalization, repatriation due to illness or death, with a minimum coverage of Euro 30,000.