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Visa for medical treatment

A visa for medical treatment allows a person who needs to undergo medical treatment at a public or at an accredited private health Institution to enter Italy. This visa should be issued also to an accompanying person.

Any citizen of Kosovo who applies for a visa to enter Italy for medical treatment should apply for the visa in person (or, if this is impossible due to illness, should authorize a family member) at the Visa Desk of the Italian Embassy in Pristina on the scheduled day and time, in order to submit to the staff “the visa application form, fulfilled in capital letters, with two photographs in accordance with ICAO standards.

The following documents should be attached to the visa application with their photocopies:

1. Passport expiring at least 3 months after the requested visa;

2. Certificate of diagnosis, issued by the competent Clinic of the “University Clinical Center” of Pristina (“Qendrës Klinike Universitare”) and translated into Italian by a legal translator recognized by this Embassy, stating that the medical treatment is necessary because not available in Kosovo;

3. Statement of the Italian Hospital indicating:

a. Type of treatment;

b. Date of commencement of treatment;

c. Duration of treatment;

d. Financial cost for the treatment (DRG, i.e. Diagnosis Related Groups);

4. Confirmation of the deposit of at least 30% of the expected cost for the service requested;

5. Documentation proving the availability in Italy of sufficient resources to pay the remaining 70% of the healthcare expenses, board and lodging outside the healthcare facility, and repatriation of the applicant and any accompanying person (payslip, bank guarantee).

6. Documentation regarding the staying in Italy: hotel reservation, declaration of hospitality for the accompanying person signed by a natural or legal person, Italian or foreigner, legally resident in Italy, together with a copy of the identity card and a copy of the residence permit in Italy, if the inviting person is not an Italian citizen;

7. Documentation concerning means of transport: return flight ticket or return flight reservation, if traveling by vehicle, photocopy of vehicle documents.

8. For the accompanying person only: international health insurance valid for the Schengen area that covers any health and emergency costs, hospitalization, repatriation due to illness or death, with a minimum coverage of Euro 30,000.

9. Only for minors under the age of 18:

– certificate of birth of the minor, legalized by the Civil Status Department of the Ministry of Interior, Pristina (“Departamenti i Gjendjes Civile i Ministrisë së Punëve të Brendshme”);

– parental consent to leave Kosovo, issued in front of the Visa Officer at the Italian Embassy in Pristina, by means of a declaration that both parents (or the one remaining in Kosovo) sign in person in front of the Officer or by a Public Notary.

N.B. The above documents are valid only for medical treatments where the expenses are covered personally. For humanitarian cases, points 4 and 5 are replaced by the Regional Resolution (“delibera regionale”) covering the costs.

In the event of an emergency, no additional costs will be charged.